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Public Records Request Form

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  2. NOTE: Florida law does not require you to provide your name or complete this form. We ask for this information so we may track the status of your request and ensure it is met in a timely manner. Often, your request must be routed to a particular office where the information is maintained or we might need to contact you to clarify your request. Our goal is to be as expeditious as possible fulfilling your request.

    Pursuant to Section 119.07 Florida Statutes, I hereby request the following records and/or materials held in the files of the Altamonte Springs Police Department.

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  5. I understand that F.S.S. 119.105 states that police reports are public record; however, no other person who inspects or copies police reports for the purposes of obtaining the names and addresses of victims of crimes or accidents shall use any information contained therein for any commercial solicitation of the victims or relatives of the victims of the reported crimes or accidents.

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