Is my property located in a flood zone?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency governs the designation of flood zones also known as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). SFHAs within the City are identified on Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) issued by FEMA. In September 2007, after a community map modernization process, new FIRMs were issued for the City of Altamonte Springs. These maps can be accessed three ways:

  1. Through FEMA's website
  2. By calling the City’s Public Works Department at (407) 571-8331.
  3. By visiting the City’s library located on Maitland Avenue. Flood materials are located in the reference section of the library.

The Map Service Center website can be difficult to navigate. City personnel are available to assist you with using this website or providing mapping information to you. Please call
(407) 571-8331 for assistance.

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