What is provided?
You will be provided with a handheld wireless microphone and microphone stand, a sound system and technician to play music that you provide. The section of the park that you rent will be blocked off to the other park patrons and a one hour rehearsal time is provided based on park availability.

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1. Are chairs provided?
2. Where in the park can I have my ceremony?
3. What is provided?
4. What are the rental fees for having my wedding at Cranes Roost?
5. When can I make a reservation?
6. Are there forms to fill out?
7. Are there weddings held year round?
8. Are chairs provided?
9. Can we throw rice?
10. Can we use a tent?
11. Can I have a reception at Cranes Roost Park?
12. What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate?