Staff & Security

Additional Staff

The City will determine if and how many additional staff are needed. Factors include but are not limited to; the number and type of vendors, event hours and projected attendance figures. Personnel costs are applied to the total cost payable to the City.

The City will determine staffing requirements for the anticipated trash generated from the event and provide trash receptacles and clean up staff during and after the event.

Position or Equipment
Park Rangers
$20 per hour, per person
Garbage Truck
Recycle Truck
Street Sweeper


The City and the Altamonte Springs Police Department (ASPD) expressly reserve the right to determine all security and safety requirements for any event at Cranes Roost Park. They will determine the number of officers and appropriate time frames for each officer based on the applicant’s information. The City reserves the right to require the use of private security to supplement police staffing. Applicants are responsible for all security costs.

The ASPD is responsible for determining all security at road closures and within the event site. Considering factors include nature of the event, attendance and if alcohol is present. The police officer fee is $35 per hour, per officer for a 3-hour minimum and a higher fee per hour if a police vehicle is used during the event. These fees are subject to change.  

A private security company is assigned to the rear entrance/exit of the Altamonte Lakeside Office Park, which is located across from the park’s amphitheater for events requiring closure of Cranes Roost Boulevard. Said company is used to monitor barricades at the intersections of Cranes Roost Boulevard and Uptown Boulevard and Cranes Roost Boulevard and Festival Drive from the start of set up, during the event and until Cranes Roost Boulevard is reopened to vehicle traffic. The applicant is sent a contract from the security company and is responsible for paying this fee prior to the event. Two overnight security staff are required for multi-day events. 

Events needing an overnight road closure are required to have two overnight security personnel.

The City, in conjunction with the Seminole County Fire Department (SCFD), reserves the right to determine all emergency medical services for any event. The SCFD determined whether EMS must be on site and uses the nature of the event, attendance estimates and the presence of alcohol as determining factors. Applicants are responsible for this cost and must pay SCFD directly prior to the event. If the ASPD or SCFD feels it is necessary to place additional staff after the event has started, the event promoter is charged for these services.