Doing Business with the City

Thank you for your interest in working with the City of Altamonte Springs.

The Procurement Division is responsible for coordinating all purchasing and making the most economical acquisition of quality materials and services to assure efficient operation of city government. The goal is to make doing business with the City as easy, convenient and transparent as possible. To accomplish this goal, a vast majority of our solicitations and contracts are posted online if they meet certain dollar amount thresholds and other criteria.

  • Semi-Formal Solicitation
    • Request for Quote (RFQ) - $15,000 to Under $50,000
  • Formal Solicitations
    • Invitation to Bid (ITB) - $50,000 and Over
    • Request for Proposal (RFP) - $50,000 and Over

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Important Read Carefully:

Terms and conditions on City’s solicitation documents, contracts, and/or purchase orders shall prevail and take precedence. Unless expressly accepted by the City, only terms and conditions contained in these documents shall apply. The City will not consider additional terms and conditions submitted by the vendor. Any and all such additional terms and conditions shall have no force and effect, and are inapplicable to the City’s purchase of goods and services if submitted either purposely through intent or design, or inadvertently appearing separately in transmittal letters, specifications, literature, price lists or warranties. Vendors shall agree that the general and/or any special conditions in the City documents are the only conditions applicable to purchases made by the City and that the City will not accept exceptions to our terms and conditions.