Alarm Services

Alarm Keypad

The City’s alarm ordinance (City Code 628-82) requires all security alarm systems, whether monitored or not, to be registered with the Police Department. This registration information allows the department to provide a better response by contacting additional emergency responders when a business owner or resident cannot be located.

We allow a 30-day grace period for newly installed or upgraded alarm systems. After the grace period the false alarm fine schedule is as follows:

  • 1 to 3 false alarms in a six-month period - No charge
  • 4th false alarm - $100
  • 5th or more alarms - $250

False alarms remain on file for a full 6 months from the date of the occurrence.

If a malfunction of the security system is suspected as the cause of a false alarm, the user should immediately service the system. After service is completed, and repair or adjustment has been performed, submit a copy of the repair documentation to the alarm coordinator within 30 days of the alarm incident. Your documentation will be considered for possible credit of the alarm. If the false alarm incurred an invoice, the invoice may be reduced to a 10% administrative fee authorized by the City’s alarm ordinance.