Boards & Committees

The City of Altamonte Springs has a number of voluntary citizen boards which advise the City Commission and staff in decision-making processes. The six standing boards are:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals - Hears appeals concerning interpretation or administration of zoning regulations or for variance of zoning regulations.
  • Code Enforcement Board - Has jurisdiction and authority to hear and decide alleged violations of city codes and ordinances as designated by the City Commission.
  • Health Facilities Authority - Assists in providing additional means for the development and maintenance of the City’s essential health facilities.
  • Personnel Administration Board - Serves as a board of appeals for employees aggrieved by a decision of the executive authority.
  • Planning Board - Responsible for guiding the comprehensive planning process within the City.
  • Police Officers’ Pension Plan Board - Responsible for the management of funds for the Police Officer’s Pension Plan.

Current Boards & Committees
Meets Monthly as Follows
Board of Zoning Appeals
3rd Monday (As Needed)
Code Enforcement Board
2nd Thursday (4th, As Needed)
Health Facilities Authority
As Needed
Personnel Administration Board
As Needed
Planning Board
2nd Wednesday (As Needed)
Police Officers' Pension Plan Board
Once Per Quarter

Each meeting typically lasts from one to three hours. View the City Calendar for specific dates and times.

In addition to the standing boards, members are appointed to ad hoc boards and committees (e.g., Charter Review Committee and Redistricting Committee for reviewing commission district boundaries).

Persons interested in serving on these boards and committees can request an application from the City Clerk. Eligibility requirements to submit an application are that you reside within the Altamonte Springs city limits and be a registered voter. All boards are subject to the State of Florida Sunshine laws, and members of several boards are required to file a financial disclosure form.