Solid Waste Container Guidelines

Current Container Size Guidelines

Any standard garbage container (plastic or metal) 32 gallons or smaller can be used until May 30, 2021. Maximum weight must not exceed 40 pounds. Plastic bags or cardboard boxes may be used if they are:

  • Secure to prevent spillage or breakage when lifted
  • Kept dry in rainy weather and do not exceed 40 pounds

New Waste Collection Carts

As a part of the solid waste collection upgrade, the City is providing all residences with a free 64-gallon refuse cart (large garbage can with wheels). These carts can hold up to five 13-gallon trash bags. City personnel will deliver carts in April and May 2021 with no delay in collection services. The new refuse carts come stamped with the City logo and a serial number assigned to each residence therefore residents do not need to be home for delivery.

Cart delivery is expected to take about six weeks, but you may begin using your cart as soon as you receive it. Customers are required to use the new carts and follow the new guidelines beginning May 31, 2021.

View full details on the new waste collection upgrade.

Containers must be placed curbside (do not obstruct drainage or walkways) after 5 p.m. the day before trash pick up and before 7 a.m. on collection day. Residents must remove containers no later than 7 p.m. on collection day.