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Water, Wastewater & Reclaimed
The Division of Water, Wastewater, and Reuse provides for the operation, maintenance, electronic monitoring and control, security, and laboratory sample analysis of the City’s drinking water and water reclamation facilities to achieve regulatory compliance and provide for public health.

Water Reclamation Process

The wastewater collection system delivers the wastewater to the plant by means of large diameter gravity sewers and force mains. The wastewater enters the plant through the raw sewage pump station, which lifts the wastewater to the headworks for preliminary treatment. The wastewater then flows into primary sedimentation tanks which complete the first phase of the overall treatment process.

Next in the process, a pump lifts the effluent into the secondary phase of the treatment process which includes anoxic tanks, nitrification tanks, internal recycle pumps and secondary clarifiers. This phase is designed to reduce total nitrogen to 7 mg/L prior to application to the denitrification filters.

The third phase consists of chemical addition, coagulation, filtration, reaeration, and high level disinfection. 

Finally, the
effluent goes through “polishing” as required by the EPA NPDES permit for discharge to surface water. The discharge from the plant must meet FDEP Class III water quality criteria. This treatment phase therefore provides for dechlorination to 0.01 mg/L residual and neutralization to a pH between 6.0-7.5.  Neutralization is required to maintain the unionized ammonia level in the effluent at 0.02 mg/L or less.

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