Internship Participants

Royce Newman (2017)
I got a lot more out of this internship than I was expecting. Being able to shadow at two different city departments AND go to a variety of businesses made me realize how much they use different aspects of S.T.E.M. every day. I got to work on my networking skills, meet new people and gain practical work experience.

Varisa Gumpangkum (2017)
The Altamonte Springs Science Incubator Internship program was such an eye-opening experience! From meeting with businesses to working with various City departments, I learned something new each day. This program was unique, and I felt that I was able to gain exclusive access to what it is like to work in a S.T.E.M. based career. I am so grateful for the privilege of participating in this experience that no other City offers!

Campbell Jones (2016)
Throughout my AS2I experience, I was introduced to professionals who pushed me to look for chances to apply myself and truly thrive while still discovering my own interests and future intentions. The variance in businesses and technology that I was able to have access to in such a short time has inspired me to set high aspirations for myself and what I hope to achieve within my lifetime to better those around me. Because of this program, I see more pathways available for my future than ever before. I can’t express my gratitude for it.

Nila Cousar (2015)
The AS2I program has provided me with real-world professional experience with a concentration in science, technology, engineering and mathematical career fields. From my first job in 2015 to my current 2017 internship, the AS2I program played a vital roll in my professional development. City staff strived to make my experience exceptional and one in a million!

Scholarship Recipients

Niharika Maity (2016)
Thank you so much for selecting me for the scholarship. I am currently enrolled at the University of Florida and aspire to have a positive impact on the community and make a difference in the field of Alzheimer's and breast cancer research.

Program Partners

Stephanie Wall (SCPS)
The AS2I program provides our 21st century learners unique opportunities to access community and business organizations in different S.T.E.M.-related disciplines. The scope of work these students engage in is impactful! From working with City staff to meeting with S.T.E.M.-related businesses, the students develop their soft skills while learning and discovering different career pathways. Thank you to the AS2I Internship team for providing our students with an exceptional summer experience the students will take with them for years to come!

Shannon Ruby Julien (VHB)
At VHB, one of our core values and beliefs is learning and development. Given that we are committed to sustaining an environment of continuous learning and improvement we expect our professionals to share what they know and what they learn. As such, providing industry insights to the outstanding interns of the AS2I programs for the last two years has been rewarding as our staff practices presentations and we get the chance to serve the next generation. It is our responsibility to promote S.T.E.M. as industry professionals and we hope that our diversity of staff helps guide these students in finding their passion.  

Brent Lenzen (Kimley-Horn)
Kimley-Horn is focused on giving back to the communities where we live and work. The students in the AS2I program have the potential to impact the world, and we are thankful that our partnership with the City of Altamonte Springs has given us the opportunity to share our knowledge and passion for engineering with them. The students typically have diverse interests in the fields in which they want to further their education at the collegiate level. Since Kimley-Horn provides a wide range of services to public and private clients around the country, we are able to provide information that opens the door to career opportunities the students did not know were possible. Kimley-Horn is grateful to play an active role in the AS2I program and we hope to continue to spark the interest of these young, talented students for years to come.