RHB Quiz

How well do you know RHB? Test your event knowledge with our little quiz! Answers are linked to the left.

  1. What was the name of the Independence Day celebration that preceded Red Hot & Boom in the 1980s?
    a. Lights On the Lake
    b. Fourth of July Jam
    c. Kaboom Town
    d. Skyblast
  2. Who has been the radio partner with the City of Altamonte Springs for Red Hot & Boom?
    a. iHeart Radio
    b. XL 106.7 FM
    c. Clear Channel
    d. All of the Above
  3. Only one Red Hot & Boom artist has the distinction of creating a dance craze. Los Del Rio performed what mega hit in 1996?
    a. C’mon Ride the Train
    b. Gangnam Style
    c. Macarena
    d. Cupid Shuffle
  4. Many artists began their careers as child stars. Which boy band members were part of the cast of Disney’s The All-New Mickey Mouse Club?
    a. Jordan Knight & Joey McIntyre (New Kids on the Block)
    b. Justin Timberlake & JC Chasez (*NSYNC)
    c. Zach Herron & Jack Avery (Why Don’t We)
    d. Brady Tutton & Drew Ramos (In Real Life)
  5. Several artists have appeared on the floating stage more than once. Which artist’s performances were 16 years apart?
    a. MAX
    b. Stacie Orrico
    c. Jessie James
  6. Florida was experiencing a severe drought and subsequent wild fires, so fireworks were not a part of the event in what year?
    a. 1998
    b. 2000
    c. 2005
    d. 2013
  7. A number of Red Hot & Boom artists have competed on national music competition shows. Which of these performers did NOT appear on American Idol?
    a. Kimberly Locke
    b. Alex & Sierra
    c. Ace Young
    d. Alyssa Raghu
  8. Why did Red Hot & Boom not happen in 2005?
    a. Independence Day was canceled.
    b. People complained the event was too loud.
    c. Cranes Roost Park was under renovation.
    d. City employees needed a day off.
  9. Boy bands have been a mainstay on the Red Hot & Boom stage through the years. Which of these boy-band members performed as solo artists?
    a. Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town)
    b. Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block)
    c. Logan Henderson (Big Time Rush)
    d. All of the Above
  10. Red Hot & Boom is a family affair featuring many groups consisting of siblings. Which band of brothers also includes a sister?
    a. Jonas Brothers
    b. Echosmith
    c. Hanson
    d. AJR
  11. Which artist starred on Glee?
    a. JoJo
    b. Amber
    c. Charice
    d. Shontelle
  12. Which sibling artists have individually performed on the Red Hot & Boom stage?
    a. Aaron & Nick Carter
    b. Ashlee & Jessica Simpson
    c. Jordan & Jonathan Knight
    d. Nash & Chord Overstreet
  13. Each year thousands of people pack into Cranes Roost Park on July 3rd? How big is the park?
    a. 30 Acres
    b. 35 Acres
    c. 40 Acres
    d. 45 Acres
  14. Which of these RHB artists have also appeared in Broadway musicals?
    a. Joey McIntyre
    b. Katharine McPhee
    c. MAX
    d. All of the Above
  15. RHB has hosted many international artists. Which of these artists is NOT American?
    a. Ryan Cabrera
    b. Richard Marx
    c. Lisa Loeb
    d. Dean Lewis
  16. Which band calls Florida home?
    a. Simple Plan
    b. We the Kings
    c. Neon Trees
    d. American Authors
  17. Which artist got her start as member of the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?
    a. Melissa Gorga
    b. Katelyn Jae
    c. Rachel Platten
    d. Ingrid Michaelson
  18. How many shells launch during the fireworks show?
    a. 10,000
    b. 15,000
    c. 20,000
    d. 25,000
  19. A custom fireworks show is created for Red Hot & Boom each year. Other than the Star-Spangled Banner, what two songs have been included most often in the show’s soundtrack?
    a. God Bless the U.S.A. & Amazing Grace
    b. Party in the U.S.A. & Firework
    c. Purple Haze & Spirit in the Sky
    d. Coming to America & Living in America